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NCET expects Norway to approach Eezham Tamils with fresh attitudes, personalities

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Peace comes from absence of fear, violence and social confrontations. Reconciliation comes from justice and parity between the parties. Development of a people comes from their right to conceive it and own it. How could Norway expect Eezham Tamils in Norway to contribute to peace, reconciliation and development within the Sri Lankan frame, amidst militarisation, colonisation, subordination, denial of justice and denial of ownership to development, asked Norwegian Council of Eezham Tamils (NCET) in a document it presented at a foreign-ministry-funded seminar in Oslo on Sunday. In its peace facilitation, Norway fielding fresh personalities with attitudinal change would immensely help to build its credibility, the document signed by its president P. Kandiah said. The seminar will be addressed by Norway’s development Minister, Mr. Erik Solhiem, when it continues for the third day on Monday.

PDF: NCET Statement, 04 February 2012

The themes of the Friday to Monday seminar are “What can be done to strengthen integration in Norway? How Tamils in Norway could contribute to peace, reconciliation and development in Sri Lanka?”

Sometimes back, the NCET, a democratically elected body of Eezham Tamils in Norway, requested the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry for Children, Equality and Social Inclusion for a meeting to discuss the affairs of Eezham Tamils.

The foreign ministry in response funded and entrusted the responsibility to Nansen Centre for Peace and Dialogue (NCPD) to conduct a seminar on the above themes for the representatives of the NCET along with some other Norway Tamils chosen by the organisers.

The focus and specialisation of the NCPD is in conducting seminars to “open possibilities for institutional change, where the situation is no longer seen through ethnic lenses.”

The NCET said that they participate in the seminar seeking discussion and solutions while registering their rejection of the phrasing of the second topic of the seminar.

Pointing out the inner contradictions between Norway’s stand and the expectations of the seminar, NCET asked that if Norway wants domestic solutions in the island then why it is interested in peace, reconciliation and development going from outside from Norway Tamils?

NCET cited Norway’s report on the failed peace process that had criticized Norway for not withdrawing from the peace process when such an act could have told the realities of the war to the world. NCET also cited the report indirectly accepting the genocidal nature of the war.

When such is the responsibility, Norway disowning it and leaving solutions to internal efforts is one-sidedly favouring the stand of the Sri Lankan state and its regime, the NCET accused.

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