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Sri Lanka may become the disaster of Asia says TNA

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(TruthDive) The Tamil national Alliance ( TNA) has warned that if the Government of Sri Lanka continue in war victory haughtiness and make no effort to discuss with Tamils, the island once considered  the wonder of Asia shall be turned into the Disaster of Asia. This warning assumes significance due to the discussions to be held in Geneva.

The TNA spokesperson Suresh has further said that

The international community is taking enough care on Tamils issue now as India is watching the developments keenly.

If the Government of Sri Lanka ignore the opportunities offered by International community,  drag and delay the solution, the country shall be listed in the countries rejected by the world.

If  this situation continues no one will come forward for investments in the country and the country will face financial problems.

The statement by TNA reflects its frustration with the Government of Sri Lanka. As hopes recede from the GOSL the TNA is likely to move further with international community in their future course of action.  With USA taking a proactive step in addressing the Tamil problems, more action from the countries like Canada and Australia are expected for addressing the problems faced by Tamils at now and the investigation on war crimes.

At present the Tamil people  feel that nothing fruitful is done for rehabilitation and resettlement. To add to their woes more Tamil lands are occupied by Sinhala Army. There is no record of Tamils arrested during the war. The War crime investigations are not conducted. The self rule for Tamils is a distant possibility.

The TNA concern about Disaster in Asia is made in a veiled reference to the cold war between China and India in Sri Lanka which may turn the island in to another Afghanistan. The involvement of USA is considered as a step to contain the influence of China. Each foreign country has its own agenda to implement in the island.

The reality is that no country has taken any credible step to bring about a solution to the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. This has strengthened the Rajapakse regime in rejecting even basic demands of Tamils. Unless the GOSL is condemned by the international community and physical measures are taken to weaken the Rajapakse regime, the solution to the Tamils issue cannot get enough attention. Therefore the Tamil leaders can only hope for meaningful action of the international community on war crimes committed by the Rajapakse regime as a starting point to address the long standing political solution.

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