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Kamal denies announcing ‘Marudhanayagam’ with Rajini

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image After a leading Mumbai tabloid published an interview of the Ulaganayagan where he expressed the revival of ‘Marudhanayagam’ (that was put on the backburner more than a decade back) and him working with Rajini for the same, word spread like fire, of course, for the news came as a shock to many due to the huge budget and several other factors.

However, circles close to Kamal have denied this. "The interview was given long back. Yes, there are plans to restart Marudhanayagam. But Rajini is not yet on board."

The Ulaganayagan was quoted as saying that "There is a role in Marudhanayagam that is ideal for him (Rajini). We’ve done 10 films together in the beginning of our career, but none recently. No one has come up with a project worthy of us. It’s up to me to bell the cat."

"Kamal is currently busy with work on Viswaroopam on which he is fully focusing for he is the producer, director and the protagonist of this film so expectations are more than ever", they further add.

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