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I have ample time to prove myself: Shruthi Haasan

[IndiaGlitz, Sunday, 19 February 2012 11:44 No Comment]

image Saying that she is not in a hurry, Shruthi Haasan avers that her journey in the film industry has just begun.  "I have never asked myself this question: What is my place in the industry?  It is because my journey has just begun.  I have lot of time to prove my mettle.  I do not nurse the desire to spend my time with a handful of films.  I am not after the numbers game.  Many tend to believe that having as many films as they can have is a measure of success.  I will take my sweet time to act in good films", she says.

The Gabbar Singh actress is playing a "challenging role" in the film, opposite Pawan Kalyan.  She has recently acquired a name for her own with 7 Aum Aviru in Tamil.

Ask her if she believes that everything is pre-destined, Shruthi dishes out wise words.  "I do not believe in that fatalistic philosophy that we get only what was preordained in our fate.  I do not subscribe to such kind of thinking.  We get nothing without putting an effort.  If we have not achieved anything, it simply betrays our ineptitude."

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