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Sri Lanka – China nexus: The Secret Story

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(TruthDive): With Sri Lanka occupying the fourth place in Chinese strategic planning in South Asia, more than 50 per cent of the overseas funding for construction and development projects for Sri Lanka since President Mahinda Rajapaksa came to power has been siphoned in from China.

China, in its attempt to build a strong presence in south Asia and to fuel its long-term strategic ambitions is backing infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka.

Colombo not only deprives and isolates Eeelam Tamils in their own country, but also successfully implements Chinese projects.

Colombo has started seizing large areas of lands to build an airport of international standards for which China has presented models of the airport for approval, revealed TNA parliamentarian Mr. Sritharan.

Occupying Sri Lanka plans to invite China to build an airport of international standards at Poonakari in the north of the country of Eelam Tamils to balance India’s projects centering around KKS harbour and Palaali airport in the northern coast of Jaffna peninsula.

Poonakari ,the ‘city of flowers’ is situated in a controlling location linking Vanni with Jaffna Peninsula, with Palk Bay and Jaffna lagoon on either side. It is also located close to Rameswaram and Thondi of the Tamil Nadu coast.

China has been chosen for the task, considering the advantage of the location of Poonakari to check any ‘enemy attacks’ from Tamil Nadu or India, political observers said.

Yoshitha Rajapaksa, the son of Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa and an officer in the Lankan Navy is playing a role in maintaining the colonial interests of Colombo, sources added.

Meanwhile, China has also been accorded a construction project for a tourist resort in the Neduntheevu Island off Jaffna and close to Kachchatheevu and Rameswaram in the Palk Bay.

Additionally, Mr. Rajapaksa had also secretly inaugurated a contentious China-backed project in Maathakal under the eyes of Sri Lanka Navy, without any public knowledge, sources reveal.

The controversial project is aimed at installing windmills and solar panels along the coastal stretch from Thiruvadinilai to KKS which is the closest coastline to Tamil Nadu in Jaffna.

In October 2011, as a part of Malaysian Prime Minister’s US$ 10 billion economic cooperation initiative with China, the agreement was drawn between the Malaysian corporate, KLS Energy China Machinery and Engineering Corporation to ‘develop’ wind/solar hybrid power project in Jaffna.

The Malaysian organization of Chinese connection will set up windmills and solar panels to produce electricity and ‘sell’ it to the people of Jaffna, permanently replacing the coastal people and the graceful Palmyra palms that now dot the coast.

In a clever plan to steal the entire northern coast of Jaffna for the Sri Lankan military, the occupying Sri Lankan army with its military installations, Sinhala ‘pilgrim’ centres, and now the coast leased to China-backed Malaysian corporate, add to the woes of uprooted Eeelam Tamils who are left sealed off in their own lands.

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