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Gota’s War A “Well written Book” – Defence Secretary

[The Sunday Leader.lk, Tuesday, 15 May 2012 09:37 3 Comments]

book release gota's war - Gotabaya and Mahinda RajapaksaDefence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa has praised Gota’s War, a book by Divaina columnist C.A. Chandraprema, which was launched last evening (May 14).

“I think he [Chandraprema] has done a lot of research, and gone through a lot of documents… also he has interviewed many officers who were involved… it is a very well written book,” Rajapaksa told The Sunday Leader shortly after the launch.

The author meanwhile has said that this book encompasses “the entire conflict” and has been named after Gotabaya Rajapaksa because “it is he who really finished it.”

In introducing the book at the launching ceremony, presidential secretary, Lalith Weeratunga, acknowledged the efforts of the Defence Secretary, in ending the conflict, while also drawing attention to the President’s role in it. In his closing remarks Weeratunga said that “Reading the book I had no doubt that it was Gota’s war, led by Mahinda.”

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  • Vaseegan said:

    Sri lanka runs by bunch of criminals! did you mention about the shooting orders given by Gota to kill ALL Tamils.

  • Dees Pillay said:

    If the president accepts the book..than the contents had to be lies, thats what the war was orchestrated upon, lies,lies and lies..from the beginning to the end.FREEDOM FIGHTERS became terrorist. NO ONE CAN TELL THE TRUTH IN SRI LANKA AND LIVE

  • Raja Perera said:

    For reality to coincide with the title of this book “Genocide Criminals, against Tamil Freedom Fighters” should have been the right Title for this book. In the year 2009, just after the “Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka, the people around the World, who did not know the facts or truth, believed what Sinhala Sri Lanka Government said. The Genocide was well planned in advance and the facts of the matter were screened to the World. In actuality, the Truth seems to sleep, but it doesn’t die, and wakes up to announce us the World Citizens, including the World Governments, what really happened. Like, “Discovery is a life long commitment”, bringing the culprits to Books takes a longer Time and Genuine work. Now the Time has come with proofs and facts to confirm the Genocide. At this time, a book by the Author Mr. C. A. Chandraprema who is a long time supporter of “the Rajapakses” is too little and out of time to change what the World has started to realize and started to act.