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US satellite data becomes public in monitoring Ukraine, searching MH370

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2014 09:10 One Comment]

Inviting world public in the search for the missing MH370, a US firm, DigitalGlobe, has thrown open its data from five orbiting satellites. The resolution of the images would be to the extent of half a meter of ocean surface per computer screen. While this is a free service, termed as “crowdsourcing,” the firm’s data on a fee-basis was also open to the public on Ukraine violence and some natural disasters in the past month. The service is termed “First Look Event Service.” While some countries have such a capacity, their Establishments also have the capacity of coursing a genocidal war without witnesses and shielding it for five years, as in the case of Mu’l’livaaykkaal, Tamil political observers said.

The satellite images of the Gulf of Thailand would be made available for free to the public on a website called Tomnod, The Malaysian Insider reported on Tuesday, citing ABC News.

In November, the company launched a similar crowdsourcing campaign after Typhoon Haiyan devastated Southeast Asia and users, who placed more than 400,000 tags on images, helped identify 38,000 damaged buildings and 101,000 damaged homes.

DigitalGlobe runs a fee-based First Look Event Service that compares before-and-after images for clients.

In the past month, the company activated the service to observe wildfires in Australia, violence in Ukraine and the aftermath of ice storms in Atlanta, The Malaysian Insider further reported.

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  • Doctor Wijesinha said:

    Well if the plane was at cruising altitude and If it went down nose first, no one would survive as the ocean is hard as concrete when you hit it at over 500 mph from 30,000 feet. The only thing left of the plane will be tiny shards. If it went down smoothly, like a regular, controlled landing, it would probably sustain damage on the underside but would probably remain largely intact and afloat for awhile. Hollywood has probably already set your expectations as to what happens during a water landing. I can’t remember the name of the film, but there was a movie where several people were on a private 747 and it crashed into the ocean. Well the plane had no structural damage and sunk. All of the passengers were just fine- they waited several days and were rescued.On the other hand submarines should be used to cover deep water search and rescue operations.