PM agrees to send Mukherjee to talk ceasefire in Lanka: Karunanidhi

image Heeding to demands from political parties in Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today decided to send External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee to Sri Lanka to press for a ceasefire between forces and LTTE and resumption of dialogue.

"I requested the Prime Minister to send Mukherjee to issue a strong warning to the Sri Lankan Government to announce a ceasefire immediately and to hold peaceful negotiations with them," Karunanidhi told reporters here after meeting Singh along with a multi-party delegation from the state.

"The Prime Minister agreed to send the Foreign Minister to Sri Lanka and told me that he will travel to the island nation as soon as possible," he said. Mukherjee was also present at the meeting.

Asked whether he thought Mukherjee’s visit would solve the issue, he said, "I believe that there will some solution to the issue. We all live in belief.

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