Side business for actors

image If their cinema market is dull, actors want to have a side business to tide them by. 

Arya has started a hotel in Anna Nagar and is also elevating himself to producer. His company is called Show The People and his first film production is to be directed by Sudha., a disciple of Balu Mahendra. The film features an all new cast. Since the story is based in Thirunelveli, the shooting is being done there. Arya is also producing a film to be directed by Igor.

Vijay has his marriage hall and other business interests. Surya has a windmill farm near Thirunelveli and is also keen on doing garment exports. Studio wants to start a studio. Karunaas is producing as well as distributing films. Vignesh is into export business and Prashant has a shopping complex.

It’s a well known fact that for many years, superstar Rajini is a Tamilnadu dealer of a well known cool drink company. Sneha runs a marriage hall and is also into real estate business. It’s said Namitha is a partner in a hardware company.

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