Teenage SLA soldier mysteriously shot dead in Thenmaraadchi, Jaffna

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in Mukamaalai informed Kodikaamam police that a soldier’s body with gunshot wounds was found in Mukamaalai area Saturday. Chaavakachcheari magistrate on being informed of the death visited the site and conducted the inquest into the death. The 18-year-old soldier had been sent to Mukamaalai FDL from the SLA 52nd Division located at Vara’ni in Thenmaraadchi.
The victim was identified as G. I. Danushan, 18.

The magistrate directed the police to have the body sent to Colombo Judicial Medical Officer for postmortem examination and to submit the report to Chaavakachcheari Court.

As to how the victim was shot and killed is not known.

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