As pressure mounts on GAP to pull out of Sri Lanka the global protest is widening. Apart from Act Now in the UK we have been joined by campaigners in the USA, Canada and India. The next Global protest will be on Saturday the 25th September.

In the UK we are organising pickets throughout the country. We are looking for more helpers to join existing pickets or help organise new ones ( Pickets can generate publicity for the cause. The local press will often print press releases (see attached). Why not take some pictures and produce a press release (we can help?).

Please contact us urgently on [email protected] so that we can supply you with leaflets if necessary. 


For those of you in London we urge you to join us in either:

The GAP ‘flagship’ stores in Oxford Street, Central London (meet 50 yds to the right of Exit 7 of Oxford Circus tube) at 12.00 noon on Saturday 25th. Central and West London supporters should attend as we hope to cover both stores.

The GAP store in Romford. East London supporters should meet at the other end of the Brewery alleyway at the side of the GAP store at 12.00 noon on Saturday 25th (Phone Graham when there).

If you have never turned up to one of these pickets before now is the time to show solidarity with the Tamil community and global human rights. If you are Tamil you have a duty to strike a blow against the oppressors of your friends and relatives in Sri Lanka.

GAP don’t like being exposed as being a key player in providing Sri Lanka

with economic wealth, including contributing to the tax revenues of their Government to (mis)use against the interests of the Tamil community and Sinhalese moderates. We are winning……..


After a very successful and on-going picket of GAP we are always looking at different ways of putting that company under pressure. We shall be running other Global pickets in due course but early next month we shall be running a mass e-mail campaign under the title ‘Message to GAP’. This will be supported by our global partners. Watch this space!

A different form of words………

One of Act Now’s supporters in Switzerland is an accomplished poet. He supplied one for our Yellow Ribbon campaign and others. He has set up his own blog ‘Victims Without A Voice’ as a poetry campaign designed to raise global awareness and consciousness of the Sri Lankan Tamil genocide. This can be viewed on Share your thoughts with them…….

Don’t forget to join the Global boycott of GAP on the 25th September!

For further information, please contact:

Tim Martin, Director, Act Now
Tel: +44(0)7817 504 227
Email: [email protected]
Graham Williamson, Director, Act Now
Tel: +44(0)7970 455 445
Email: [email protected]

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