Anushka And Nayan Compete For Role!

image Telugu cinema is gearing up for a mammoth historical epic – Rani Rudrama to be directed by Gunasekhar. She belonged to the Kakatiya dynasty and is considered to be one of the most valiant rulers in the history of the country. During her term, she successfully defended the Kingdom from the Cholas and snuffed out rebellions that rose up within. Her legacy is a rich one and she also contributed to the arts.

It is the role of a lifetime and Anushka and Nayanthara are both in the running to play the legendary Queen. Anushka already proved her mettle with Arundhati but the actress is booked to the hilt and dates may be an issue. Nayan on the other hand got rave reviews for her portrayal of Sita in Shri Rama Rajyam and has made it clear that she is available for good roles. Now it is up to the makers to decide who will get this coveted role.

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