Bala Cracks Down On Atharva

image Bala is quite famous for the exacting demands he makes of his heroes. Vikram lost oodles of weight for Sethu and had said in an interview that he used to lie out in the sun for hours to get his look right for Pithamagan. Arya had to learn yoga for Naan Kadavul and had to perform a demanding asana continuously so that a shot could be approved. And Vishal had to undergo a lot of physical pain to look cross-eyed for Avan Ivan.

Now it is Atharva’s turn. Bala has asked him to shed 10 kilos asap for his role in Eriyum Thanal. The first schedule has been completed and the second schedule is due to begin in Ooty. Atharva has to shape up within that time so he is following a gruelling diet and is working out like a maniac. Insiders are saying that he is putting his heart and soul into his character and it is going to pay off in a big way for him.

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