UN invites Khushboo

image Khushboo has apparently become the first actress from Kollywood to be invited by the United Nations, the umbrella organization of countries all over the world, to take part in a global youth meeting to be held soon in Kenya.

In a statement, Khushboo says, "The UN is planning a series of events to stress the empowerment of the youth. Plans are on to declare 2013 as year of youth and bring out their talents. In this regard, I have been invited by them specially to address a meeting at Kenya between 15 and 18 March"

Expressing gratitude to the United Nations for giving her the opportunity, she said, "The meeting would discuss ways and means to empower youth and channelize their talents in a right way. It is a rare privilege for me to represent our country in the international conclave."

On the professional front, Khushboo recently started a mega serial on a popular television channel, besides assisting her husband Sundar C in his directorial venture ‘Masala Cafe’. Also, her career as a politician is fast rising, as she is showing keen interest in the activities of the DMK.

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