Khushboo reveals a secret

image One of the best kept secrets about ‘Annamalai’, a blockbuster film starring Superstar Rajinikanth and Khushboo, is out. As per the initial plan, the name of the character Khushboo played in the film was Khushboo itself, but it was changed as Subbulakshmi later.

"Because, whenever Rajini sir and others called me Khushboo in front of the camera, I used to laugh uncontrollably. At one point of time, the director and others felt it would be apt only if the name is changed. And my character was rechristened as Subbu aka Subbulakshmi," she says.

Khushboo adds: "Even if you get a chance to watch Annamalai now, you could notice in most of the scenes Rajini sir calling me as Khushboo, which was changed in the dubbing as Subbu. I could not forget the experience."

On who will be the next Superstar of Tamil cinema, Khushboo says, "No one. Because Rajini sir did not become an MGR or Sivaji. He laid a path for himself. Like that, the next generation top stars will make it big in their own way."

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