Sona’s struggle at airport

image Sona was involved in a war of words with the officials at Chennai airport, after they demanded her to pay the Customs duty for the dress materials the actress was carrying with her, while returning from Bangkok.

According to reports, Sona reached Chennai by a Thai Airlines flight at 12.30 am on Sunday. When the Customs officials subjected her baggage to scrutiny, they found large amount of readymade attire in it. Following this, they urged the actress for Customs duty.

But Sona denied to pay the duty and argued that she carried with her only permissible quantity of luggage. However, the officials refuted to entertain her argument and said she had no other option than paying Customs duty.

Following this, the actress left the place leaving her luggage. She told officials that she did not have enough money and would send her assistant to collect the baggage after paying the duty. It is to be noted that Sona is running a boutique shop.

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