3 is a pleasant and painful journey: Dhanush

image And the 3 mania is on its peak! We are just hours from the release of Dhanush 3, directed by his wife Aishwarys Dhanush. Meanwhile here we bring you an exclusive interview of the 3 team!
When asked about the 3 journey, this is what Dhanush had to say about it. 3 is a pleasant and painful journey; we all have worked very hard for this project. We are sure that the film will strike chords with the audience," he said.
So has the Kolaveri success affected the film, "Kolaveri success doesn’t have put any pressure on us, it is the responsibility that counts. BG is the biggest strength of 3. The story and screenplay is very unique and beautiful. The story of Ram and Janani will definitely different; every body can relate with the characters," he added.
Check out some exclusive interviews from 3 team below!

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