Actress Faints On The Set

image It was 12 in the midnight when the Vetri Selvan crew was shooting at Kethi railway station in Ooty. Radhika Apte was present on the set. “Due to intense cold the actress fainted and fell like a wood on the floor”, says the crew. She was hurried to a local hospital. She recuperated within a couple of hours and returned for the shoot immediately.

Commenting on the incident, Radhika Apte said, “It was so cold. I never knew I was fainting. Good thing that I could get back for the shoot immediately after the treatment. I can never forget this incident.”

Last week the film’s hero Ajmal met with an accident during the shoot, when he was travelling in an auto with Radhika Apte. The auto rammed on a median and fell stumbling down on the road, injuring Ajmal.

The film, being directed by Rudhran, features Ajmal, Radhika Apte, singer Mano, Ganja Karuppu and Sheriff. Mani Sharma has scored the music and Ramesh Kumar handles the camera.

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