US is Sri Lanka’s biggest employer-US Asst Trade Rep Delaney

Sri Lanka has prospects of tripling trade with the United States if the right policies are in place as it (US) remains the biggest single employer to the island nation, a top US trade official said.

The US is Sri Lanka’s biggest customer comprising one-third of the country’s exports, visiting US Assistant Trade Representative for South and Central Asia Michael Delaney said at an investment seminar at the ongoing Sri Lanka Expo 2012 fair in Colombo on Thursday.

He noted that as Sri Lanka’s “biggest single employer” it could do much more.

Highlighting the US’ intentions of having an increased presence in the country, he noted, “Trade can triple if the right policies are in place.”

These comments from the US comes in the wake of the recently passed US resolution on alleged human rights violations against Sri Lanka at the conclusion of 19th sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva.

Mr. Delaney said that a completed reconciliation would take time and in this respect it would involve efforts and be greatly facilitated by economic growth.

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