SL victim of western media: MR

Mahinda Rajapaksa President Mahinda Rajapaksa said today that Sri Lankla has become a victim of the western media stating that there is a clear distinction between what is portrayed in the media and the truth.

Addressing a ceremony held to mark the opening of the Development Center for Media (DCM) at the Information Department premises at Narahenpita, President Rajapaksa further said there were instances where the western media put pressure on other countries and this was witnessed clearly during Sri Lanka’s fight against terrorism.

“We do not see any change in this distressing trend in the western and certain local media even after almost three years since the defeat of LTTE. What we hear from the media is not the work done by the government such as the rehabilitation and reintegration of nearly 10,000 ex-LTTE Cadres, resettlement of 300,000 IDPs, the vast reconstruction and development programmes in the North-East or the efforts taken for the reconciliation and the restoration of democracy. Sadly, we still hear the voice of the LTTE sympathizers and unfortunately we are not in a position to put a stop to this,” President Rajapaksa stressed.

Some sections of media will continue to spread false propaganda on motherland. But the independent and unbiased media and the Information department have a difficult job at hand to save the country from the negative effect of biased media, both local and global, President Rajapaksa emphasized.

The media is the Watch Dog’ of the public as it guides and protects the public from social and political ills and appears on behalf of the people. Other major greatest responsibility of the media is to write to propagate cultural and moral values as it writes on politics, current affairs, economics, trade, arts and conflicts, he said. (Sandun A. Jayasekera)

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