Ban Wants LLRC Implemented

United Nations General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon, has expressed his desire to see the implementation of the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader an official at the office of the spokesperson for the UN Secretary General explained that Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the US Resolution as it called for the implementation of the LLRC report.

The official, who did not wish to be named, stated that the Secretary General believed that Sri Lanka could only achieve reconciliation and lasting peace through good governance, a point highlighted in the LLRC report.

“Ban Ki-moon believes that the LLRC report is full of recommendations which are vital to Sri Lanka moving past the conflict. He hopes that the government will set about implementing it”, the official said.

Asked by The Sunday Leader when contacted on Friday night (7 p.m. Sri Lanka time) if they had seen comments by Sri Lankan Ministers stating that the LLRC had gone beyond its mandate, the official responded that they were aware of these comments and hoped the government would begin the process quickly. In April last year the Secretary General appointed a panel of experts to “advise him” on the situation in post-war Sri Lanka.

The Experts Panel Report was originally shared with the Sri Lankan government before being “leaked” to media outlets around the world.

The Secretary General’s office defended its move by claiming it was done “as a matter of transparency”.

Sri Lanka rejected the report claiming that it was fundamentally flawed and based on biased material which could not be verified.

The UN Human Rights Council  on March 22 adopted a U.S sponsored resolution on Sri Lanka which called for the implementation of the LLRC recommendations.

The resolution was passed 24 to 15 while 8 abstained.

Government Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva  told reporters last week that the government will not fully implement the recommendations of the LLRC report as he claimed the commission had gone beyond its mandate in some instances.

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