Christian Council urge to implement LLRC

The National Christian Council today urged the Government to fully implement the LLRC recommendations.

The statement issued by the NCC said “The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka calls on those who are in authority, and very specially the Government, to formulate a constructive position on the resolution adopted by the UNHCR in Geneva.  Such a position should be aimed at fostering national reconciliation of all people in Sri Lanka and move beyond mere emotional sentiments, and blaming nations or individuals”

”We reiterate our position that the LLRC recommendations provide a platform to address the critical issues confronted by the people of Sri Lanka and build a united harmonious nation.  We call upon the Government to formulate a clear strategy for its implementation and ensure the participation of all our people including the civil, political and religious sectors strengthening the democratic space which alone will enable us to live with dignity, ensure our sovereignty and bring about peace and prosperity to our island”.

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