Kumar unconnected with LTTE says wife

ipad-art-wide-a1-20sri-20lankan-420x0-300(1)Champa Somaratna, the wife of Premakumar Gunaratnam, has said that her husband was not affiliated with the separatist LTTE although he was a Tamil, news agencies reported.

Giving series of interviews to several international news agencies, she had said that her husband had launched the Frontline Socialists Party “because of the unlawful abductions and the human rights violations in Sri Lanka,” and his role as the party’s main political activist had “a real connection” with his disappearance.

”In Sri Lanka there is no proper Opposition. All the opposition [parties] are suppressed by the government,” she said.

She said Kumar had been staying at a house in north-west Colombo. His friends had gone to the house in search of him when he failed to attend an early morning meeting on Saturday and found the place ransacked.

“He was arrested early in the morning. About 25 armed people entered the house. They threatened the neighbours and asked them to switch off the lights and close the windows and doors,” Somaratna told Australia’s ABC radio.

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