Vivek as hero in ‘Machan’

image ‘Machan’ is apparently the favourite word of Namitha in Tamil. And Sakthi Chidambaram is the one who directed maximum number of Namitha movies. So there is no wonder in him naming his comeback film as ‘Machan’.

The interesting thing about the film is that it would have Vivek and Karunas, the two top comedians of Tamil cinema, as protagonists. And what more? Sakthi Chidambaram himself will play a crucial role.

"Machan is a comedy caper and that’s why I opted for Vivek and Karunas to play the lead roles, rather than going for others. I am happy to work with these two popular actors," says the director of ‘Vyabari’ and ‘Sandai’.

Cheryl Pinto of ‘Arasangam’ and ‘Vaa Da’ fame will play the leading lady. Music will be scored by Srikanth Deva. "Shooting will start soon and it will be completed at the earliest. Machan will be for everyone," adds the director.

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