Ajith Is Hurt!

image Ajith’s death defying stunts in Billa 2 are the talk of the town. What makes his achievement so amazing is that the actor has had 15 surgeries and the fact that he can walk by himself is itself a big deal! Ajith not only walks but he can dance with the best of them and insists on performing risky stunts himself. Ajith said he is thankful to God for letting him do these things despite the painful surgeries.

However, Ajith admitted that while it is ok for people to have good or bad opinions about his films it is hurtful when they get personal and say that he is fat. The actor admits that he finds that a little disheartening since his metabolism has changed since the surgeries and he tries so hard not to let his body slow down post the operations. We don’t think he is fat, we think he is a real hero and absolutely awesome!

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