I have not erased ‘Prabhu tattoo’: Nayan

image Nayantara has denied removing the popular ‘Prabhu tattoo’, which was inked on her hand when she was in a relationship with Prabhu Deva. The actress, who recently started her second innings in filmdom, said the tattoo is very much on her hand.

"If anyone still has doubts, they can come and see my hand," said Nayantara, who also rejected a claim that she had recently been to Bangkok to remove the tattoo. "If I wanted to do so, I could have done it in India itself," she said.

The ‘Ayya’ girl also played down reports that she was subjected to a lengthy security check by customs officials when she returned from Bangkok recently. "Anyone who comes from a foreign country would have to undergo this," she said.

Earlier, reports claimed that the actress and her manager Rajesh took with them Rs 20 lakh to Bangkok to remove the ‘Prabhu’ tattoo from her hand. And acting on a tip-off, officials probed her reason behind taking such a huge amount.

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