Why Hansika Wants To Be Chubby?

image Hansika Motwani is riding high as her career has turned red hot. She has films with Arya, STR and Suriya and is looking hotter than ever according to her fans. The actress has also lost weight and is looking very fit. Hansika denied that she went to the USA to put herself through extreme regimes to get a size – zero body.
Hansika said that she loves her body as it is and has no intention of starving herself in order to look skinny. She added that she works out to be fit and healthy but other than that she does not punish herself. In fact, her fans have been begging her not to lose weight as she is hot the way she is. Hansika said she is touched with their love and agrees with them that she does not have to become pencil thin to be desirable.

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