Fonseka’s security beefed up after life threat fears

Former Sri Lankan Army chief Sarath Fonseka Former Sri Lankan Army chief Sarath Fonseka, who was recently released from prison, on Sunday said his life is under threat and he needs to be provided with tighter security.

His security has been beefed in the wake of threats to his life from remnants of the Tamil Tigers.

A 12-member police team led by an Inspector has been assigned to Fonseka on the instructions of the police chief.

"We are satisfied that security has been restored at least partly though more protection was requested," said Anoma Fonseka, wife of the Lankan war hero.

"We have outlined in detail the threats faced by my husband from remnants of the LTTE and we hope the government would assess the situation in full and not delay in providing adequate personnel for his safety", she told local media.

Fonseka led the Army against the Tamil Tigers during the final years of the three-decade-long civil war that resulted in the defeat of the rebels in May 2009.

In April 2006, Fonseka survived an assassination attempt when a woman suicide bomber blew herself up near his car inside the military headquarters in the capital Colombo.

Fonseka sustained injuries in the attack that killed nine people, including his security personnel.

The relationship between Fonseka and the government became strained after he retired from the military in late 2009 and announced his candidature for the Presidential Elections.

Fonseka contested as the leader of an opposition coalition but lost the election to incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He was later arrested and jailed over various charges including illegal arms deals, harbouring Army deserters and making allegations to the media that soldiers had shot unarmed rebel cadres.

Fonseka was freed from prison last month on a presidential pardon but still faces trial in a case involving harbouring of Army deserters.

Since his release, the former Army chief, who was credited with leading the Army to victory over the LTTE, has not taken any active political role.

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