New Buddhist shrine constructed in Pachchanoor village in Moothoor

A Buddhist Vihare has been constructed in Pachchanoor, a village in Moothoor DS division in Trincomalee district, by the Colombo government due to pressure of Sinhala Buddhist clergy with the backing of the occupying Sri Lanka Army under the patronage of the Defense Ministry Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse, a sibling of Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Pachchanoor is located five km off south from Trincomalee along Moothoor-Verugal road.

Tamil speaking Tamils, Muslims and Christians live in the village.

The new Vihare is located at 3rd Mile Post in Pachchanoor where only six Sinhalese families were living before 2009.

After the conclusion of the war about 110 Sinhalese families were brought from the south and were given lands which had been appropriated by the occupying Sri Lanka Army.

A Sinhala Buddhist school was also established in Pachchanoor for Grade-1 students of the Sinhalese families now in occupation and also in preparation to bring more Sinhalese people from the south for settlement in Pachchanoor, villagers said.

Colombo has been appropriating lands belonging to Tamil and Muslim communities in several parts of Trincomalee district to create new Sinhala villages, new Vihares under the guise of rehabilitating roads and other development works, according to civil activists in Trincomalee.

Meanwhile, during the war, occupying Sri Lanka Army in their camps in north east has planted Bo-saplings and constructed several Buddhist shrines.

The Defense Ministry Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse has allegedly claimed that lands where Bo-trees are located belong to ancient Buddhist Vihares.

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