Occupying Sinhala military prepares for ‘gala’ in Trincomalee

In the name of a private organisation called ‘Green Classic’ and Tourism Development Board of genocidal Colombo, the occupying Sinhala military plans for a four-day gala carnival in Trincomalee in the first week of July, news sources in Trincomalee said. They aim to profit 40 million rupees by selling 1000 Rupees tickets to 500,000 visitors in the four days, but more than that, the hidden agenda is experimenting sophisticated ways of corrupting and conditioning especially the youth for the structural genocide that is projected as ‘reconciliation’ by the agent state and by its international abetters, Eezham Tamil political observers commented.

Gratifying the minds of Sinhalese by grabbing the country of Eezham Tamils, the State transforming into a militarised and criminal one by the war-crimes-accused military ultimately entering into ‘training’ university students and into entertainment business aiming at the youth of even school levels, has to be carefully understood by the Sinhala nation too, the political observers commented.

Keeping the fundamentals that caused a long war between the nations in the island unresolved to the subjugation of Eezham Tamils, the genocidal military of the Sinhala nation entering into entertainment business in Trincomalee, Indian company opening casino in Colombo, Chinese building cantonments in the North, the US bank aiding ‘defence secretary presided development’ of Colombo and Singapore minister investing on ‘post-war tourism boom’, are just facets of the same vicious experiment on humanity tested in the island in an orchestrated way, the political observers said.

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The Sinhala military carnival in Trincomalee is organized at a time when the GCE A/L students, the main target group of the gala, have to prepare for the university entrance exams in August, parents in Trincomalee cited at the insensitivity of the occypying military minds.

Last year when the occupying military conducted a 7-day carnival in the name ‘Rise of the East’, military ware and weapons were major exhibits for visitors to have a feeling of them by touching and handling.

Such carnivals trumpeting the triumphalism of the genocidal military cause much strife in the relations of the peoples of Trincomalee when a large number of war-affected and displaced Eezham Tamils suffer in camps and in the houses of relatives and friends, civil sources in Trincomalee said.

The philosophy of Sinhala triumphalism repeatedly told to Eezham Tamils through such galas is that by accepting subjugation and by collaboration they also could share the ‘kick of merriment’.

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Meanwhile, there is a set of collaborators in the island and in the diaspora that engages in another kind of galas in the island in the name of ‘literary festivals’ to trumpet ‘vindication’ and to showcase that ‘normalcy’ has come under Rajapaksa regime.

In seeking support, writers, journalists, artists and blogs in Tamil Nadu, apart from those in the diaspora and in the island, are targeted in recent times for funding, awarding, entertaining etc.

The whole scenario is once again an orchestrated ‘counterinsurgency’ operation aiming at numbing minds of the affected people and their supporters away from any struggle.

With a contingent of recruitment, among which many are gullible or opportunists, more resources and efforts are deployed at the ‘counterinsurgency’ exercise than in addressing the fundamentals, because the ultimate directors are fully conscious of the further crimes they are planning in the experiment in the island, said a political analyst in Chennai.

In the world of Vivek Oberois of the Bollywood and organisers of the Galle ‘literary festival’, Big Mountain, an alternative music group of the US, has taken a refreshing decision to decline invitation from genocidal Sri Lanka.

But the large and influential Tamil diaspora in the US, both from the Eezham Tamils and from Tamil Nadu has still not entered into a struggle inside the US. ‘Counterinsurgency’ intrigues are sitting on any such uprising and limit attention to boycotts and court cases. This is a struggle that has to be won inside the US and India by essentially addressing against the Establishments there, commented a diaspora activist in North America.

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