New Delhi grooming Sinhala military needs careful perusal in Tamil Nadu

In the wake of reports on New Delhi continuing its training to Sinhala military personnel at a base in Bangalore after transferring them from Chennai following opposition from Tamil Nadu government, the Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalithaa on Saturday said "Tamils want action for war crimes against Sri Lanka. We will not accept the training of Sri Lankan airmen anywhere in India." New Delhi’s obsession with grooming the Sinhala military after being in complicity with it in the genocide of Eezham Tamils needs careful perusal in Tamil Nadu, in the background of mushrooming Sinhala military bases trained against Tamil Nadu, New Delhi pressing for subjugation of Eezham Tamils within a united Sri Lanka model when one party has a genocidal military and the other has none, and in addition, New Delhi currently sitting in the UNHRC monitor group on Sri Lanka, observers said.

It is well known that the occupying Sinhala military’s bases and cantonments, built with Chinese assistance in large tracts of grabbed land in the country of Eezham Tamils, ultimately target Tamil Nadu.

Unless some ‘advisors’ in New Delhi in their folly think that being in ‘strategic’ partnership with the Sinhala nation they could eventually appropriate those bases for New Delhi’s own use, there is no reason why India should have this much obsession in grooming the genocidal military. In such a case, those ‘advisors’ in New Delhi too expect targeting Tamil Nadu, the political observers in the island said.

Grooming the Sinhala military is carried out in consultation and competition between both India and the USA. High-ranking people of both the establishments met Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, behind the scene in Singapore, to ‘discuss’ naval assistances.

The Indian Air Force training to the Sinhala military currently takes place while Colombo has freshly grabbed lands of Eezham Tamils for a military airbase and airstrip at Mannar, at the closest point from Tamil Nadu.

One has to carefully scrutinize that why the large-scale Sinhala militarisation and colonization at Mannaar, KKS and Trincomalee, and one has to also carefully scrutinize in what way the LLRC upheld in the UNHRC by the very USA the architected the genocidal war and the Sinhala military-grooming New Delhi monitoring ‘progress’ would help justice to Eezham Tamils, the observers further said.

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A few days ago, a batch of SL Air force personnel arrived at Tambaram Air Force station in Chennai, for a nine months training period as a part of bilateral agreement between the two countries. India and Sri Lanka became closely trustworthy for signing a military to military relationship pact after staging the genocidal war in complicity.

On 5th July, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitha issued a statement condemning the presence of SL air force officers in Tamil Nadu’s territory calling the centre’s decision as “anti-Tamil” and criticizing the central government for paying no heed to the resolution passed in Tamil Nadu Assembly calling for war crimes investigation against SL president Mahinda Rajapaksa and an economic boycott of Sri Lanka until human rights situation improves in that country.

After this, there was an announcement that the air force personnel were being removed from the Tambaram base. Some newspapers reported that they had been sent back to Sri Lanka.

However, IANS Report on July 6th citing an IAF officer said that the Sri Lankan trainees were only being shifted to another air base in Bangalore, reportedly to Yelahanka, for the next phase of training, after having completed the Tambaram phase.

Sri Lankan External Affairs Ministry has also said on Friday that "Reports about a group of Sri Lankan Airmen under training in Chennai being sent back to Sri Lanka is incorrect. They will continue their training in another location in India without any hindrance to their training programme."

No other reaction from the SL side.

Indian National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon, after a meeting with Mahinda and Gotabaya, told media last Friday, “We also discussed maritime cooperation and other security related issues. It was agreed that we could take this further. Sri Lanka is our close neighbour, with whom we enjoy a multifaceted and dynamic relationship. We look forward to strengthening and further developing this engagement,” reported The Hindu.

In recent years, visits of Indian officials and dignitaries to the island were proving satanic to Eezham Tamils.

The response coming from Ms Jayalalithaa is significant in directing the course of the struggle against the ultimate culprits, political activists in Tamil Nadu said.

“The people of Tamil Nadu would not accept providing training to the Lankan Air Force personnel at Bangalore instead of Tambaram. I reiterate my demand for deporting the Sri Lankan personnel to their country immediately and that they should not be given technical training in any other part of India,” the Chief Minister said in a statement on July 7.

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