‘Gold’ Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shines back to shoot

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan over the last two weeks has been shooting for a print and TV campaign for a leading South jewellery brand across various locations in Mumbai.

This shoot comes almost a year after the last commercial she shot when she was six months pregnant.

The set brimmed with joy from the spot boys to the light men to the technicians who all congratulated her for baby and were so happy to see her back on set.

It was also a nostalgic moment when she shot with ace cameraman Kiran Deohans for the TV commercial, incidentally when she came back to shoot after her engagement and her marriage it was Kiran who shot her and now again after the birth of her daughter Aaradhya.
Commenting on this Kiran Deohans said, "I have got the pleasure of working with Aishwarya on Jodhaa Akbar.

Coming back from her post-delivery after months and shooting for this commercial she’s still the same.

Even after becoming a mother she’s a true professional and has the same passion when it comes to her work.

I have seen her working here then and now. She is bang on since Jodhaa days. As a DOP it’s always a delight working with her. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever worked with.

She always had that sparkling glow on her face before and even after post pregnancy.

Even after getting an okay take in one go she will always give more options for the same take which shows how passionate she is when it comes to her work."
Aishwarya was also shooting again with action director Allan Amin with whom she has shot extensively and who playfully calls her the "harness queen", because of the ease and comfort that she has once put on a harness for any scene.

Adds Allan Amin, "She is the best on the harness, the only who has jumped from 1000 feet in DHOOM 2 live, with no special effects, no doubles in Indian cinema.

Even in Hollywood no actress has ever done this." One compliment that seems to fill the air was that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looked more beautiful and radiant.
Shrikumar, who shot the commercial said, "This is the first time that I am shooting an ad with Aishwarya.

What impressed me about her was her passion for detailing. There were a few under water shots as well. For me, it has been the most memorable experience shooting with her."
The concept of this picture is "Bathe In Gold"- it’s a teaser campaign before the launch of the brand in any city. Its shows Aishwarya in golden hues with golden waters around her.

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