SL to expand diplomatic ties with India

Sri Lankan government is to expand its Diplomatic and Consular Representations in India, through expansion of the existing Missions in India to suit the present day needs, the government information department said.

The Cabinet has given its approval for a proposal made by External Affairs Minister Prof. G .L. Pieris in this regard.

Accordingly approval was granted for the following measures

-With respect to the office of the Deputy High Commission of Sri Lanka in Chennai, to appoint two Tamil speaking officers from the public service

-With respect to Consulate General in Mumbai, it will be henceforth headed by a Senior Officer from the SLOS, and to create an additional diplomatic post for a middle ranking officer from the Dept of Commerce.

-Creating an additional post at the SLHC in New Delhi to exclusively deal with Sri Lanka’s bilateral ,economic, investment and trade relations with India.

-To open the Consulate General in Kolkata with the staff strength of Consular General, a personal asst, a Sri Lanka Foreign Service officer, an Attaché and Public Management Asst and with with Consular jurisdiction over the States of West Bengal, Orissa, Jaka Hand, Bihar and North eastern states

-To appoint Hon Consuls for Sri Lanka in Hydrebad, Lucknow and Thiruvanandapuram.

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