Sri Lanka warns its citizen against visiting Tamil Nadu

E9939F771A56F6CB79468945FD273 Sri Lanka on Monday issued a travel advisory asking its citizen not to visit Tamil Nadu until further notice in the wake of "increasing number of instances of intimidation" of Sri Lankans in the state.

"The Government of Sri Lanka regrets the increasing number of instances of intimidation of Sri Lankan nationals visiting Tamil Nadu for the purposes of tourism, religious pilgrimages, sporting and cultural activities and professional training," the External Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

The Government of Sri Lanka is constrained to request Sri Lankan nationals in the interest of their security to desist from undertaking visits to Tamil Nadu until further notice, the statement said.

In the event there is a compelling reason to visit Tamil Nadu, such a visit should take place following prior timely intimation to the Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai, the statement added.

The ministry said 184 Sri Lankan pilgrims visiting the Poornimatha Church in Thanjavur have been mobbed and taken refuge in the church.

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