Commonwealth Secretariat thrusts ‘Sri Lankan’ identity on Eezham Tamils

An Indian official in the Commonwealth Secretariat, Amitav Banerji, Director of Political Affairs of the Secretariat, will be addressing “We Sri Lanka 2012” event organised by The Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK, on Saturday at Clore Management Centre of the University of London. Amitav Banerji is also the chief political adviser to the Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma, and is responsible for managing the Commonwealth’s political activity. He was earlier a career diplomat of New Delhi. The ‘We Sri Lanka’ meet will also be featuring a panel discussion on ‘Road to Reconciliation Post LLRC Report, Commonwealth Diaspora Dialogues about their recent visit to Sri Lanka, besides Sri Lankan dances and refreshments.

Similar to the shadowy role played during the genocidal war by another Indian diplomat, Vijay Nambiar, Chief of Staff to UN Secretary General, Indian diplomats in the Commonwealth Secretariat and in various other international agencies work as agents for New Delhi than as officials of the supra-national or universal bodies, political observers in New York and London said.

Indian diplomat and Commonwealth Secretary General, Kamalesh Sharma stretching his position to uphold the Sri Lanka venue of the 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet, and his hint at Canada in this regard have been noted with much anger by Tamils and with serious concern by a large section of world’s diplomats.

New Delhi tries to monopolise and control the Commonwealth, especially in the case of protecting the genocidal state and regime of Sri Lanka, political observers say. Political activists in another South Asian country, the Republic of Maldives, also share an opinion that New Delhi is playing a game in the Commonwealth to pursue its agenda in that country by using Indian officials in the Secretariat.

Last year’s ‘We Sri Lanka’ event in the UK was addressed by the genocidal state’s High Commissioner in London.

The proceeds of the event, for which participants have to buy tickets, would go in aid for war victims, the organisers say.

Where were the ‘We Sri Lankan’ professionals advocating ‘inclusive national identity’, when 150, 000 Eezham Tamils disappeared in the genocidal war is the question asked by the diaspora Eezham Tamil activists in the UK. All the exercises are ultimately aimed for bailing out the genocidal state and regime of Sri Lanka in the international forums and to allow it to continue with the annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island, the activists said.

Meanwhile, SL presidential sibling Basil Rajapaksa told Indian journalists in Colombo this week that Sri Lanka is “very firm” on getting training for its military from India, despite protests by the Tamil Nadu state government and by almost all political parties in the state. Basil Rajapaksa was critical of the stand of Tamil Nadu.

New Delhi’s intelligence bigwigs are of the opinion that their ‘grand strategies’ on the island are thwarted by the ‘stupidity’ of Tamil Nadu politicians, sources close to the Indian intelligence agencies say. Colombo’s military top brass and politicians are habitual in their contemptuous outbursts at Tamil Nadu politicians whenever the latter, reflecting the strong grassroot sentiments of their people, voice for the genocide-affected Eezham Tamils.

Which human civilisation would accept a ‘grand strategy’ that has caused the disappearance of 150,000 people of a nation, continued shielding of the culprits and continued annihilation of the identity of that nation, ask political and social activists in Tamil Nadu. If the New Delhi regime and its intelligence agencies adamantly insist that it is their ‘grand strategy’ then they are the foremost enemies of humanity, the activists further said.

In the meantime, British High Commission in Colombo, on Wednesday said it has supported ‘a group of six young people from the diaspora in the UK’ to visit the island from August to September 2012 as part of a ‘wider programme supporting reconciliation in Sri Lanka’.

“During their visit to Sri Lanka, the group attended the annual conference of Sri Lanka Unites in Jaffna,” revealed a press statement from the British High Commission.

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