TNA seeks bearings while Gotabhaya proves futility of Indo-US cosmetic solutions

Genocidal Sri Lanka’s presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on last Thursday called for the abolition of the New Delhi-architected 13th Amendment to the constitution without further delays, reported The Island, last Friday. Gotabhaya compared the Amendment to the 2002 Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) in facilitating separatism. Rejecting SL military pullout from the Tamil territories and upholding ‘majoritarian’ rule of the island, he also implied what course would be taken by the LLRC implementation legitimised by the USA at Geneva. Meanwhile, writing to The Island on Thursday, TNA’s nominated parliamentarian Mr Sumanthiran, asked what hope is there in TNA participating the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) of Rajapaksa regime to discuss solutions.

Outlining the long history of the past betrayals, and the course of current happenings, Sumanthiran concluded, “The TNA cannot be coaxed into the PSC with the ulterior motive of making a ‘majority decision’ there.”

“The problem of majoritarianism cannot be solved by means of a majoritarian approach,” Sumanthiran further said, hinting at the impossibility of resolving the conflict through the majority–minority models currently patronized by India and the USA, resulting from their insistence of perceiving the island as one unit.

Harping on the ‘battlefield victory’ achieved through genocidal means abetted by the powers, the SL Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was now professing on the need to reject external interferences and said that it was a joke that the TNA now tried to achieve what the LTTE failed with its conventional military power.

Gotabhaya however acknowledged that the separatist sentiments were still strong, despite the ‘battlefield victory’. No political reconciliation, but further militarisation and structural genocide were the thrust of his thinking in meeting the situation.

Past experiences repeatedly showed that whatever the Rajapaksa regime said were actually the voices of the dark forces in the portals of the powers.

Alternative political activists among the Eezham Tamils were thankful to Gotabhaya for exposing the futility of the cosmetic approaches of the real international culprits to the edification of those who were singing the song of the 13th Amendment and the LLRC implementation.

India’s Zee News on Thursday said that New Delhi would continue its military exercise and training programmes with Sri Lanka in India, such as the SLINEX (Sri Lanka–India Exercise), avoiding the southern states.

"The Defence Ministry has advised us to hold the SLINEX-series exercises with our Sri Lankan counterparts away from the coasts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka," an Indian Navy official was cited by the Zee News.

The Indian aid programmes such as housing and building schools for Eezham Tamils are eyewash, aiming propaganda but lacking substance, social workers in Vanni said. Old buildings with little cosmetic renovation and whitewash are claimed as Indian donations, the social workers said.

The TNA statement on return from New Delhi earlier this week was full of thanks to Indian aid and political efforts, besides harping on the LLRC implementation.

Eezham Tamils have not sufficiently reached out to the world in internationalising their struggle. They keep it to themselves. They fought politically; they fought militarily, but no returns. How do they plan to meet the future? – This was a comment heard recently from an international journalist.

Perhaps it is time for the TNA to tell to the face of New Delhi and Washington of the futility of their models, declare non-cooperation if the powers are not relenting and prepare the masses in collaboration with the diaspora and Tamil Nadu for an international struggle, commented the alternative political activists in the island.

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