Resettlement remains frozen for 51,000 Tamils in Valikaamam, Jaffna

Since 2010, the SL government officials in Jaffna, including the GA, have been claiming that there were no ‘High Security Zones’ in the Jaffna district. In the meantime, more than 51,000 Tamils, belonging to 22 GS divisions, are denied access to their fertile lands and houses in Valikaamam, Jaffna. While the Colombo government was claiming that there were only ‘no go zones’ where land mines were yet to be cleared, the SL Supreme Court gave permission to proceed with the FR petition filed by Mr Mavai Senathiraja, 1 year later.

Fundamental Rights violation petitions were filed by the uprooted families seeking permission to resettle in their lands in Valikaamam North in 2003.

A three-member SL Supreme Court panel, including the SL Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake who was facing impeachment in the SL parliament, on Monday gave permission to proceed with the FR cases filed by TNA parliamentarian and representatives, 10 years after the case was taken up for investigation.

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