Do I Copy Goundamani’s Style? … Santhanam Responds

santhanam-goundamani-18-11-12Santhanam’ sarcastic and witty comedy style has often been compared to Goundamani’s. Some have even accused him of copying Goundamani’s style. Santhanam has responded to such comparisons by stating that his style is realistic and like the boy next door’s. For a starter, he says that while Goundamani used to belittle and hit only Senthil in his comedy scenes, he does this to everyone in his comedy tracks. He doesn’t feel that he is copying Goundamani’s style.

He is nevertheless happy on being spoken in the same breath as Goundamani. He has immense respect for the likes of Thangavelu and Goundamani and takes them as good examples.

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