People of Vanni hoist Tamil Eelam flag at Mu’l’livaaykkaal on Heroes Day

Braving the prying eyes of the occupying SL military, the people of Mullaiththeevu on Tuesday honoured the sacrifice of Tamil heroes at Mu’l’livaaykkaal by hoisting a Tamil Eelam Tiger flag at the sites of two Heroes Cemeteries that have now been razed down by the genocidal military of Colombo. A flag post was put up and the Tiger flag was flown at the cemetery grounds at Vadduvaakal, where the last burial of fighters who sacrificed their lives in the Vanni war took place. A Tiger flag was also flown at the site of A’lampil Heroes Cemetery in Mullaiththeevu district.

Printed leaflets commemorating the fallen Tigers have been distributed by a group of persons who came in motorbikes on Monday night.

On Tuesday, the SLA soldiers who were patrolling in motorbikes were on a terror campaign, entering the houses and kicking away the Kaarthikai lamps using their boots.

In Mannaar, the SL police dispatched more than 25 police personnel in civil in bicycles to check all the walls for posters.

At least five Heroes remembrance posters were seen at Naanaaddaan in Mannaar district. These were later torn away by the SL police patrol. There was no visible harassment in Mannaar except the policemen in civil who were looking for posters.

The Saiva temples in Mannaar avoided observing Kaarthikai vi’lakkeedu, asking the people to observe the ritual on Wednesday.

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