TNPF condemns Sampanthan’s statement on SL military, LTTE

TNPF_press_meet_Gajendrakumar The Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) on Tuesday strongly condemned the SL parliamentary speech made by Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan last Friday. Mr. Sampanthan had said that the TNA was not demanding the complete withdrawal of the SL military from the Tamil territory and that the LTTE had had earned its destruction by being a ‘terrorist’ organization not observing human rights and democracy and by engaging in the killing of Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala leaders. The statement coming from the leader of the TNA should be taken as the policy stand of the TNA. Neither the constituent parties of the TNA nor its parliamentary members have so far contradicted the statement, said the TNPF press release, signed by its president Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam and secretary, Selvarasa Kajendran.

The Sri Lankan military is a Sinhala military, which as far as Tamils are concerned is an Occupation Army. More than the number and whether the withdrawal is partial or complete, the important question is that on what mandate the SL military could be stationed in the Tamil homeland. If there is a pragmatic political solution recognizing the nation of Tamils and if the country is a union formed together with the nation of Sinhalese, then the military of such a country only could be stationed in the Tamil land, the TNPF statement said.

If the TNA is not demanding the complete withdrawal of the SL military why have they joined the TNPF agitations demanding the withdrawal of the military? Why have they signed a joint statement of all Tamil parties demanding the withdrawal of the military at the New Delhi meeting in August 2011? Do their acts mean dishonesty at heart and aim at getting the support of Tamils by deception, asked the TNPF statement, adding that the TNA stand, at a time when Tamils have to liberate themselves from the SL military, only leads them permanently under its grip and only helps the forces that are restlessly eager in annihilating the soul of Tamil nationalism.

pdf: TNPF statement in Tamil

On Sampanthan’s statement on the LTTE, the TNPF said that the LTTE was destroyed with the complicity of imperialist powers as a part of a geopolitical agenda. Imperialist powers of geopolitical interests put ‘terrorist’ stamp on righteous liberation struggles to derogate them and to justify their annihilation. Sampanthan citing human rights and democracy is not due to his ignorance but to fulfil the agenda of the forces against the Tamil nation, the TNPF statement said.

Sampanthan only attests Rajapaksa justifying the genocidal war and the plight inflicted on the people at Mu’l’lvaaykkaal as War Against Terrorism. At a time when the UN internal report strongly condemns the way Sri Lanka conducted the war, the statement of Mr Sampanthan facilitates opportunity for the Sri Lankan government to once again escape from an international investigation. It aims at spoiling whatever favourable opportunities Tamils may get in the unfolding international milieu, the TNPF statement observed.

Above all, the TNPF strongly condemns the statement of Mr Sampanthan against Tamil nation and serving the interests of other forces, coming at a time when the SL military and police have accelerated oppression on university students and the public in the last few weeks, the TNPF press statement further said.

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Meanwhile, in the observation of senior media circles in the island, the TNA having no program for people’s polity or movement of Tamils counts only on whatever concessions that may come to it from the Rajapaksa regime, through the policies of India and the USA appeasing and abetting the regime.

The TNA is already working with a collaboration agenda, the media circles said. They cited the latest ‘advice’ of N. Ram, the former editor of The Hindu, urging TNA to work with the strongest ever Sri Lankan president, Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Whatever the TNA’s nominated parliamentarian Mr Sumanthiran had said last year on ‘non-descript’ solutions after the TNA visit to Washington and before the US-led LLRC adoption at Geneva that later worsened the situation for Tamils in the island, and whatever Mr Sampanthan now says before the proposed visit to Washington in January and before the March sessions at Geneva, are what the powers wish to grace Tamils with, the media circles observed.

If the Tamils in the island, in the diaspora and in Tamil Nadu envisage anything different, then they should be prepared to polarize opinion in no uncertain terms, find leadership with backbone and statesmanship to express it, and should know where exactly it should be addressed to the face and in what way, the media circles shared their insight.

The capture of leading Tamil media in the island and attacks on independent media of Tamils are ultimately aimed at silencing the opinion-making process. Often Tamil politicians and political aspirants finding opinion a hindrance to the collaboration course they have been deployed in, and sometimes even diplomats and institutions of powers, carryout the capture and attack in foul ways, the media circles in the island further said.

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In a recent interview to TamilNet’s Palaka’ni, Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam said that the Tamil parties had missed directing USA on LLRC. Had the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) been firm on the stand of Eezham Tamils, the USA couldn’t have ended up with the LLRC adoption at Geneva, he said in the interview.

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