Media worker attacked in Jaffna

Four unknown persons who came in two moborbikes Thursday morning around 5:30 brutally attacked an employee of Uthayan Daily, carrying news papers for distribution. The distributor, Pradeepan, was attacked at Maalu Junction at Karaveddi on Jaffna Point Pedro Road, news sources in Jaffna said. The attackers set fire to the motorbike and the papers at the site. Mr Pradeepan has been admitted to the hospital with a broken hand as he had covered the attack on his head by his hand.

Mr Pradeepan, who was thrown into a waste canal along the road managed on his own to flee from the site in a bus and lodged a complaint at Nelliyadi police. He was later admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

In the meantime, another distributor of the same paper, taking papers from Maalu-santhi Junction to Valveddiththu’rai was chased by some unidentified persons.

Uthayan paper distributor who was chased by unknown persons chose to run into the SL Police Station at Valveddiththu’rai.

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