Sinhala, Muslim divisions carved in Ampaa’rai depriving territoriality to Tamils

Genocidal Sri Lanka plans to create a new Sinhala division in the Ampaa’rai district of Eastern Province that will be including the localities of the Oluvil port and a Buddhist temple constructed at Deegavaapi, news sources in the East said. Meanwhile, backed by SL minister Mr. Addaulla, new Pradeasa Sapais (PS: civic bodies) and municipalities are carved out for the Muslims at Akkaraippattu and I’rakkaamam. But, the ancient Tamil villages in the district at Kalmunai, Paa’ndiruppu, Natpiddi-munai, Periya-neelaava’nai etc. don’t have their own PS or divisions. When the Sinhalese grab the lands of Muslims and Tamils and create enclaves, the Muslims in turn grab the lands of Tamils and totally marginalize them in the district, where Tamils have come only as the third ethnicity now.

At the 40th milepost area in the district an extensive Sinhala military camp has come up in the lands of Tamils.

While Colombo has called for written submissions from the public before 31 January on the re-demarcation of divisional and civic body boundaries in the district, the occupying military and its intelligence outfits oppresses any Tamil opinion-making process or public mobilisation on the issue.

SL military monitors and intimidates all Tami politicians and village dignitaries who organize any public meetings in this regard.

Colombo government plans to execute certain decisions secretly or without much publicity, informed sources said.

No credible census was taken in the island after 1981. The recent census was manipulated to suit the genocidal agenda. The figures are not reliable due to manipulations and due to a fire incident at Colombo’s Census Department in 2010, the sources further said.

Both Tamils and the Tamil-speaking Muslims in the East have to handle the situation with restraint and far sight, as the issues and equations between them especially in the East were responsible for marring larger political questions in the past, political observers said.

Both have to look at what had happened to the traditional Tamil and Muslim villages that were the majority a hundred years ago in the coastal part of the North Western Province, which were later manipulated between the Puththa’lam and Kurunegala districts, the political observers further said.

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