Eezham Tamil writers in UK criticize India’s role in genocide of Eezham Tamils

UK based Eezham Tamil writers and journalists criticized the role of India in abetting the genocide of the Eezham Tamils and shielding the genocide perpetrators at book release function at London on Sunday. Speaking at the release of the book “Thookkuk-kayittil: Rajiv padukolai nijam” written by Tiruchi Velusami and compiled by P. Egalaivan, the Eezham Tamil writers expressed their opinions on how under the cover of eliminating the LTTE, India and other world powers effectively covered up the genocide of the Eezham Tamils.

The book was released by Eezham Tamil writers and was received by journalist Sugi Gopiratnam, senior activists Kalabathi and Sathyaseelan.

According to veteran writer and activist Ithayachandran, the ‘terrorist’ tag was used by the world powers and India on Pirapaharan’s LTTE because they refused to comprise on Tamil’s historical right to self-determination, emphasising that this can never mean flawed concepts like ‘internal self-determination’.

Gopi Ratnam, senior editor of ‘Oru Paper’, talking about the geopolitical games played by US and India, said that some people had a wrong opinion that since the LTTE is not there, India would tilt in the favour of the Eezham Tamils. He opined that India’s geopolitical interests compelled to take a foreign policy that was against the interests of the Eezham Tamils.

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