TESO misrepresents Tamil cause by harping on UNHRC resolution

By calling for pressure on Colombo to immediately implement the 2012 UNHRC resolution as solution, TESO is misrepresenting the cause as well as plight of Eezham Tamils, and is misleading the world in lines with the agenda of New Delhi and Washington, Tamil activists in the island and in the diaspora commented. The UNHRC resolution harping on the implementation of LLRC recommendations of Colombo is actually ‘international legitimisation’ of the structural genocide and annihilation of the territoriality of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island. This only serves the agenda of New Delhi and Washington that uphold the genocidal Sinhala State in the island for their geopolitical and imperialistic purposes. TESO has to urge the International Community of Establishments to revise the resolution, the activists further said.

Led by Mr MK Stalin, the DMK Treasurer and son of the DMK chief, Mr M. Karunanidhi, a team of TESO members, the DK chief Mr. K. Veeramani, VCK chief Mr Thol Thirumavalavan, Prof. Supa. Virapandiyan, former central minister Ms Subbhulakshmi Jagdeesan and DMK parliamentary leader Mr TR Balu are on a visit to New Delhi on Sunday to meet Indian Minister of External Affairs and Ambassadors of the 47 countries in the UNHRC, a DMK press release said on Saturday.

The team will request the dignitaries they meet to facilitate peaceful life to Eezham Tamils, acceleration of rehabilitation, political solution and pressure on Colombo for the immediate implementation of the 2012 UNHRC resolution, the press release of the DMK headquarters cited Mr TR Balu.

PDF: Press release of the DMK headquarters on the TESO move

It may be a printer’s devil that the press release coming from the Dravidian movement, known for its use of pun in Tamil, talked about requesting Pu’nar Vaazhvu for Eezham Tamils instead of Punar Vaazhvu. But Pu’nar Vaazhvu (life of assimilation) is exactly what would happen if the current UNHRC resolution is implemented as requested by the TESO, Eezham Tamil activists commented.

As recently pointed out by the DMK Chief Mr M Karunanidhi, in a letter to the Centre at New Delhi, ‘Pu’nar Vaazhvu’ is the one that is implemented every day by the occupying Sinhala soldiers in Vanni.

One of the members in the TESO team, Mr Thol Thirumavalavan, sometimes back requested Congress President Ms Sonia Gandhi to facilitate the implementation of LLRC recommendations to help ‘Sri Lankan’ Tamils.

Except the DK chief, the others in the team are members of parties that align with the ruling Congress at New Delhi.

In the political parties, bureaucracy, media and the intelligence and security services of India, it is difficult to trace where India ends and the USA begins or vice versa, political observers commented.

Unless the Tamil movements directly challenge the structural-genocide outlook of New Delhi and Washington towards the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island, and mobilise the world to go beyond the machinations of the two powers, they are not helping the Eezham Tamils but only serve their ultimate adversaries, alternative shades of Tamil activists in the island and in the diaspora commented.

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