Colombo converts Jaffna ‘HSZ’ into zone of Sinhala Military Corporatism

The occupying Sri Lankan military, which had completed the construction of a huge bund three months ago, from Chelva-channithi shrine in Tho’ndamanaa’ru to Vasaavi’laan near the Palaali military base through Oddakappulam across the former ‘High Security Zone’, has now started to construct another major bund from Kurumpasiddi to Kaangkeasanthu’rai (KKS) through Kadduvan and Thellippazhai, according to S. Sugirthan, the head of the divisional civic body (Piratheasa Chapai / PS) of Valikaamam North. Informed civil officials said that these bunds are being hurriedly put up to carve out a vast area consisting 26 GS divisions for Sinhala Military Corporatism.

KKS_Power_Plant_fr In the meantime, the residents of Kurumpasiddi are blaming the SL military for the demolition of two houses in their village four days ago. The destruction has taken place in the part of the village that had recently been opened for resettlement, Deputy Chair of Valikaamam North PS, Mr Sajeevan Shanmugam, told TamilNet.

The demolition of houses has come as resettling people on the borders have started to do agriculture in the lands and were actively refurbishing their houses.

The carved out area of the former ‘HSZ’ is comprised of the KKS Harbour, KKS Cement Factory, Mayiliddi Fishing Port, Palaali airport, SL military base at Palaali with sea access and airbase, and a large area of fertile lands of Valikaamam North where thousands of people still remain uprooted and denied access to their lands and properties, even after 3 and a half years after the completion of the genocidal war in Vanni.

On the northwestern side of the ‘HSZ’, at Maathakal, a new SL military cantonment has been established after 2009, confiscating the lands of resettling Tamils. To the Sinhala south, the cantonment has become a comfort zone encapsulating a ‘sacred zone’ at Thiruvadinilai. In its occupation, the SL Navy occupying Maathakal went to the extent of placing new landmines to threaten the native people away from their lands amidst repeated protests by the people of Maathakal against the SL military occupation.

The uprooted people, who have been hoping to get back their property after decades of displacement, have lost their hopes.

Mr Sugirthan, the president of the PS, told TamilNet that concerned organisations in Valikaamam North have started questioning the civic body on ways to exert meaningful pressure on Colombo to get back their lands and properties from the clutches of SL military corporatism.

While the SL military is expected to complete the accelerated construction of bunds, the SL minister and the EPDP paramilitary leader, extended his empty promise of resettling the people within 3 months for one more time as his previous promise of 3 months had expired.

Instead of referring to the area subjected to its military corporatism as ‘High Security Zone’, the SL military has been promoting the term ‘No Go Zone’ citing land mines. For Tamils, what is taking place is ‘Sinhala Military Corporatism’.

The SL military is controlling the whole process of demining and is delaying the process to facilitate its military leadership to complete the military corporatism in the name of ‘development’.

After the completion of the genocidal war in 2009, the SL ministry of Defence, which is run by SL presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, has also taken over ‘Urban Development’. In North and East, it is the Sinhala military and former commanders of the SL armed forces, who controlling the entire civil apparatus.

Commenting on the ways forward for meaningful pressure, young generation of Tamil politicians in the island said that Colombo is using the competing powers of China and India coupled with the silent abetment of the US-led West, which has been shaking hands with the genocidal military after architecting the paradigm for the Colombo to complete the genocidal war on Eezham Tamils in 2009.

“The responsibility is clearly on the side of those who architected and actively abetted the Colombo regime in its war against the Tamils,” a young Tamil politician said.

The ‘resettlement’ being claimed to have taken place has merely been eyewash.

“The visiting foreign dignitaries who welcome such measures are only abetting the crime of Colombo on the nation of Eezham Tamils,” he further said, adding that the ‘real pressure’ by Tamils should be exerted on foreign powers that aid and abet the continued crimes of the SL State.

Last week, the Australian Deputy Leader of Opposition, Ms Julie Bishop, visited a camp at Koa’naavil in Valikkaamam, where displaced people from the ‘HSZ’ told her of all the oppression they face and wanted nothing but their lands and houses back. But, getting back, the Australian politician told ABC Radio that during her visit, she never saw or heard of any persecution of Tamils.

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