Hospital becomes breeding ground for disharmony between Tamils, Muslims in Ampaa’rai

The Base hospital of Kalmunai North in Ampaa’rai district has become a breeding ground for disharmony between Tamils and Muslims following systematic posting of 22 Muslim health workers with the backing of SL ministers aligned with the Colombo regime with an intention of causing communal dissension, health officials at the hospital say.

Sri Lankan ministers in Colombo, through one-sided appointments, have made the 130-year old Base hospital of Kalmunai North, which is situated at a place where Tamils live in majority.

Since the recent appointment of a new Medical Superintendent, he has brought 22 Muslim medical officers to the hospital, transferring away Tamil medical officers.

A demonstration was held Wednesday under the auspices of Hospital Development Society alleging several irregularities at the hospital. The people of the area also participated in the protest along with the employees of the hospital.

The new MS on the first day itself ordered the photograph of Pi’l’laiyaar to be moved out of the hospital, causing disharmony among the Tamil and Muslim communities.

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