Major Sinhala colony crops up at entrance to Jaffna city

A permanent Sinhala colony is in the making at Naavat-kuzhi in Jaffna with the assistance and backing of the genocidal government in Colombo and with the protection of its occupying Sinhala military in Jaffna. Buddhist associations in the south and EPDP collaborating with the Rajapaksa regime are also involved in the process, news sources in Jaffna said. Naavat-kuzhi is a major junction located 5km east of Jaffna city, where the two highways A9 and A32 that come from the south join and enter into the city. To give protection to the colony, a Sinhala military camp is also established there amidst the colonisers. The Sinhala colony at the location is planned to control the arteries of the city and to even Sinhalicise Jaffna city itself, as similar tactics were tested earlier at Trincomalee, the sources further said.

Initially around 130 Sinhala families have been brought from the South and are given housing lands at a potential high ground area at Naavat-kuzhi, with all amenities such as water electricity etc., where as around 300 IDP Tamil families who also came to Naavat-kuzhi are left to languish in the low ground floodplains without any facilities.

The lands belong to State housing scheme, but there are no legal provisions to bring families from elsewhere and settle there.

When the local officials protested to the housing scheme for the Sinhala colonisers, they were silenced by orders from Colombo.

A woman named Malkanthi is leading the colonisers from the South. Most of them have come from Anuradhapura. They are even now based at Anuradhapura. Leaving some at Naavat-kuzhi to ensure the occupation of their allotted lands, others come and go, local people said.

The attractions to the colonisers are that they were all promised of state of the art houses and economic opportunities by some Buddhist organisations in the South.

An SL military contingent has been established within the colony to give protection and no outsiders of journalists could get in there.

During the recent rains, the low-lying lands where the local IDP Tamils were settled became flooded. Their settlement was infested with snakes and children became frequent victims of snakebites. When some of them wanted to move into the high ground, the occupying Sinhala military threatened them to vacate. They all will be shot dead if they attempt to move into the Sinhala colony they were warned.

The philosophy behind the demonstration is the natural right of the superior and victorious colonisers over the inferior and defeated locals.

The Jaffna Peninsula, with its meagre natural resources, is already a densely populated place. Colombo’s attempt to bring in Sinhala families with military protection to colonise a strategic location at the entrance to Jaffna city is an open demonstration of the structural genocide programme implemented by the Sri Lankan State in the complicity of some powers experimenting it in the island, new generation political activists in Jaffna said.

Similar Sinhala colonisation programmes in thousands of acres of lands and sometimes even in entire divisions are taking place in Vanni, Mannaar and in the East. An added dimension is mischievously conceived Muslim colonisation that is taking place in the North to set the community against Tamils.

But the Naavat-kuzhi Sinhala colonisation near Jaffna city is one of the illustrative examples for what the genocidal State and the powers in complicity plans for Eezham Tamils in future. While on one hand the terrorist-Establishments create another Israel in the island, on the other hand in a sarcastic way their agencies want Tamils to do research and prove the genocide, the political activists in Jaffna commented.

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