Sinhala militarisation, genocide in East goes unnoticed, unaccounted

In the name of a Sinhala-titled programme ‘Divineguma,’ Colombo intensively spearheads structural genocide of Eezham Tamils in the East. It has now gone to the extent of mushrooming Sinhala military camps and settlements running grocery shops and restaurants to the public. The only major construction activity in the East is the construction of Sinhala military camps. By talking only of the North and leaving out the East, the visiting foreign dignitaries buttressing State in the island systematically obscure what is happening in the East and imply that the annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the East is ‘normal and acceptable’. The line of subversion started when Mr. Robert Blake was the US ambassador in Colombo after the SL military capture of the East from the LTTE, and the line was later taken up by the Indians, political activists in the East said.

Failure to internationally highlight and fight against what is happening in the East would first reflect in Vanni as what is happening there now and would eventually result in the annihilation of the Tamil nation in Jaffna itself, the activists in the East cited.

The Tamil–Muslim discourse in the East has adversely affected the entire liberation question of the Tamil-speaking people in the island in the past and both the communities especially in the East have to keep that in mind in their deliberations, the activists said, adding that only a secular an independent State for the Tamil speakers in the island would ensure the life of self respect to all of them in the island.

Meanwhile, even retail trade in the Ampaa’rai district has been taken over by the occupying Sinhala military, political sources said.

Two major SL military camps have been created at Naavithan-ve’li and Anna-malai in Ampaa’rai district, where the SL military is now running grocery shops and restaurants to the public.

At Annamalai, a building belonging to the irrigation department located amidst schools, hospital and other SL government departments, has been taken over by the SL military for its camp within the last one and a half months. The building was earlier occupied by the STF.

Similarly, an extensive Sinhala military camp and training ground are in the making at a land that was earlier allocated for the construction of a broadcasting station for the Ampaa’rai district.

Many other SL military camps are now being constructed at places such as the locality of the old hospital at Periya-neelaava’nai, Beach Road at Kalmunai, Thiruk-koayil, Aalaiyadi-vempu and at the tourist locality at Ullai.

The camps terrorise especially the Tamil villages. While many Tamil villages erased out by the SL military during the war are yet to be resettled, Colombo is interested only in constructing military camps.

Tamil politicians cited the examples of the villages at Kagnchi-kudichchaan-aa’ru and at Thangka-vealaayutha-puram.

The politicians accused that Tamil areas are deliberately neglected in any development activity and Tamil politicians are never consulted on anything.

They accused the Muslim polity in Ampaa’rai for blocking development of Tamil villages and for following a policy of land grab, marginalisation of Tamil polity and complete annihilation of the presence of Tamils in the district, in collaboration with the occupying Sinhala military.

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