SLA threatens Mannaar farmers not to protest against discrimination

The demonstration and fasting campaign organized by farmers organizations in Mannaar district earlier this week to protest against the discrimination by the SL government in Colombo in providing relief to affected farmers following the recent floods, was put off due to the threat issued by the intelligence Unit of the occupying Sri Lanka Army that those participating would be dealt severely under the ‘Sri Lankan Law’. Due to the threat and intimidation exerted by the SL intelligence, the demonstration was now put off for February 26, the organisers said.

The demonstration was to take place on Monday at Uyilang-ku’lam in Mannaar district according to a decision arrived at a meeting held at Uyilang-ku’lam District Agricultural Training Centre on 9th February.

Several hundred farmers in Mannaar district are finding it difficult to repay their cultivation loans. They are also unable to redeem their jewellery pawned in banks.

While all the assistances are provided to Sinhala farmers in South by the SL government, nothing has been provided to Tamil farmers in North, they say.

As a last resort they submitted a memorandum to the SL Government Agent that they have decided to hold a fasting campaign on Monday 18 demanding that they also should be provided with necessary relief.

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