Colombo instructs SL intelligence to curb protests against SL State

As the world’s attention is focused on Colombo’s crimes against Tamils, the intelligence offices of the occupying Sri Lankan military in North and East have received fresh instructions from the SL Defence Ministry in Colombo to stop people from mobilizing protests demanding the release of Tamil prisoners in the Sri Lankan prisons and to curb protests against the creation of Sinhala Military Zones in the Tamil homeland. On Tuesday, SL intelligence officers were directly involved in harassing and blocking around 700 protestors from the five districts in North, who were boarding the buses heading to Colombo for the protest which took place in front of the UN office in Colombo on Wednesday.

When the protestors were assembled to go on board the buses at 5:30 p.m., the SL intelligence officers together with the SL police in Vavuniyaa stopped the buses citing ‘security reasons’ and threatened the protestors of ‘attacks’ by ‘unknown elements’ from Anuradhapura, Kebitigollawe and Madawachiya.

At the same time, the SL military intelligence operatives, who said they were conducting ‘routine inquiries’, started to harass the drivers of the buses.

Two big search operations targeted the travellers at Paranthan and at Oamanthai.

The harassments by the SL military and Police went on for 3 hours. The passengers were questioned as to whether they are travelling in groups.

The SL police said that they would not take any responsibility if any untoward incidents were to take place on their way.

The protestors were demanding information about their kith and kin reported missing during the war and after 2009.

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